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The Splinter

At church I saw a little girl holding her hand out to her father. He was inspecting it closely and appeared to be trying to remove a splinter. When he attempted to take it out, she jerked her hand away and started working on it herself.

I thought of when I was little how I eventually learned to leave my injured finger in my parent's care, in spite of the pain of removing the splinter, knowing what they did, though painful, would make it better.

How often we are like that with the Lord. When we get "spiritual" splinters, we run to our Heavenly Father to make the pain go away, but we immediately jerk our hand away in anticipation of the possible pain it will cause to remove it. It reminded me that often we will experience pain to remove evil in our lives, but it is worth it to endure the pain for a moment in order to gain the everlasting relief and healing it will bring.

Psalms 30:5b Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.